How to Shop

At GolfitSA our aim is to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible always keeping value for money in mind. It is important to know that we use a shopping cart system to enable us to give you the best shipping deal. We do not accept online payments. All payments are done via EFT of COD

Typical online experience will include

  • Browse through our products. Add products to your shopping cart by “Add to Cart”
  • Continue browsing, adding more products to your cart. Navigate to “View Cart”
  • A summery of all the items in your cart will be displayed. You have the opportunity to change your cart or even to apply a discount coupon should you have one
  • When you are satisfied with your selection proceed to Checkout¬† “Get shipping quote”
  • Remember, no money is transferred via the site
  • Next we need the basic contact details to supply you with the best possible quotation on shipping.
  • You will have two options. The first for pickup orders and the second option is where we need to give you a shipping quotation.
  • When you click on “Place order” you will get a confirmation screen and an email confirming your intent to order.
  • Once we have the quotation we will update your cart and notify you
  • If the quotation is acceptable you will be able to do an EFT (or arrange for credit card payment)